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The Cutwater Boats brand brings with it a new way of thinking about how cruisers ought to deliver performance, comfort and style, a completely enjoyable—boating experience. And like all meaningful innovation, that new thinking is based on a wealth of experience and a proven record of significant achievement in the hull and interior design and construction of recreational boats.


C-24 CW

Center Walkaround

LOA:  29′ 2″     BEAM:  8’6″

C-24 DC

Dual Console

LOA:  29′ 2″     BEAM:  8’6″

C-24 Coupe

Coupe | Sport Coupe

LOA:  33′ 0″ (motor up)     BEAM:  8’6″



LOA:  32′ 4″     BEAM:  8’6″

C-30 CB

Sedan | Coupe | Sport Coupe | Command Bridge

LOA:  30′ 0″     BEAM:  10′ 0″

C-32 Coupe


LOA:  37′ 8″     BEAM:  10′ 0″

C-32 CB

Coupe | Command Bridge

LOA:  37′ 8″     BEAM:  10′ 0″

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A radical departure from conventional deep-V hull geometry, the revolutionary new Cutwater Hull design incorporates a number of features that together deliver a smooth ride, straight tracking, agile, responsive performance, and maximum fuel economy. With all these advantages, each Cutwater model offers the range to expand everyone’s cruise horizons while providing exceptional comfort underway. Together, these refinements enable the Cutwater hull to deliver an ultra-smooth ride and superior performance, plus an extra measure of comfort and convenience, adding up to unmatched cruising enjoyment.

1.  Keel Stepped Hull bottom with tapered intake tunnels to distribute an uninterrupted flow of air evenly across specifically designated segments of the running surface, while vectoring air away from the propeller.

2. A keel pad runs the full length of the bottom to concentrate lift and adds directional stability. The entire tunnel-step-keel pad configuration employs a consistent distribution of air along the bottom to reduce drag for a measurable improvement in hull speed and fuel efficiency.

3. A substantial skeg keel extends along the aftmost third of the hull, to improve straight-line tracking for efficient course-keeping, and to resist rolling for greater ride comfort. Additionally, this keel protects the propeller and running gear against damage from submerged hazards.

4. Along either side of the keel where it meets the bottom is a rounded shoulder where the machinery compartment has been expanded to allow positioning the engine low in the hull. This in turn lowers the boatís center of gravity for greater stability, and allows lowering the main deck structure to provide greater interior headroom while preserving the boat’s attractive exterior profile.

5. Well forward, the raked stem curves downward near the waterline to a slender, near-vertical forefoot that cuts oncoming waves to ensure a smooth ride. This nuance also extends the waterline to improve fuel efficiency, and allows fuller sections throughout the forward hull sections for greater usable interior space.



JANUARY 7th – 10th   /   Pomona Fairplex

See the all new 2021 boat models making their West Coast debut! The Los Angeles Boat Show is the premiere show featuring boats throughout North America. For 65 years, the Los Angeles Boat Show has been the ultimate destination for boating and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, featuring sport fishing boats, performance boats, ski boats, cruisers, jet skis, pontoons, motorboats, cabin cruisers, dinghies/inflatables, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and more! See’em, touch’em and sit yourself down at the helm! The fun starts here!