It has always been about quality family time. You’ve worked hard in your professional life, and now have your eye on the exhilarating world of watersports  —  to build and share that quality time and precious memories …

But it all still has to make sense  —  right ?

MB Sports and California Skier “get it”,

— you need to justify the dollars you are going to drop on this lifestyle choice

— and you expect a level of reliability and performance that will insure issue-free vacation fun

There is no need to go off the deep-end here.

More and more manufacturers have begun marching to the beat of the Wall Street corporate greed drum, focusing upon shareholders, directors, market share and quarterly earnings, rather than your needs and expectations. 

We’ve seen the results of this agenda  —  prices headed to the moon …

MB Sports and California Skier have no such agenda. Both still family-owned and operated businesses for over 35 years now, we remain committed to you, the watersport enthusiast.

The MB family has built a heritage upon being watersport enthusiasts themselves  —  and now for three generations.


Irv Brendel’s “Hot Damn Hondo 006” broke records and won races in Long Beach and Oakland. In fact they broke and set every record in NDBA, APBA and UMI making history in the racing books; making them legends in their own time. Mike was the driver of that boat and was elected to the Gulf Hall of Fame as a result of those runs. Incredibly, Mike was the youngest to ever exceed 100mph at 10 years old, 150mph at 15 years old, and then at age 17 to blast the 200mph barrier !!


At this point in time MB was still a very small, very family-run business with Caren doing all the paperwork and answering the phones from a desk right on the factory floor. Mike and his father Irv worked side-by-side, day and night with a few other artisans, building boats by hand.


Like the finest wine, and now into their fifth decade, the MB Sports family-enterprise continues to be meticulously orchestrated, handled with care, and devout in their attention to detail. The MB family has never faltered in their aspiration to validate and bring to enthusiasts, the best of technology, performance, and artisanship. And the best part is, all of this is about nurture  —  and not requisite of stratospheric expense  —  “Fine” is about being delightful, and of value.

MB History

Already an accomplished race car builder, and with a love for the water, Irv Brendel began building flat bottom drag boats back in the late 1950’s. These were the Hondo & Brendella, which became immediately world-renowned for their quality, and world record performance. Irv’s son Mike Brendel embraced the family business at an early age, and actually starting racing the boats.

After some time the hotboat market went flat, while the ski boat market was quickly gaining more popularity. Mike, also an avid water-skier, approached father Irv with the conviction that the Brendel family, with all of their knowledge and boat building expertise, could build a top-shelf ski boat. Irv was all for this great idea, but mandated that they would need investors to get things rolling. Mike took it upon himself to secure the required investors, and so began Ski Brendella.

Ski Brendella quickly rose to prominence, and remained there throughout the 1980’s.

It was at this time however , that the investors went to Mike, wanting to change some of the suppliers, building methods, and production process, in order to increase profits. Mike was not on board with this at all. His response was adamantly that his family name was on the side of these boats, and he had no intention of ever altering the low production, and extreme high quality methods that the Brendel family was known for.

Consequently, the existing relationship fell apart, and Mike sold all of the molds and equipment to the investors, however retaining the right to use his name. As he left, Mike told all, that he would prove that a low volume, high quality custom boat can be built and be a profitable business model.

This is where MB Boats was started.

… and where it remains today

now with the third generation leadership of Dustin Brendel



MB Sports has always remained committed toward evaluating all of the latest technology available, and thoughtfully crafting a product that utilizes an optimal blend of premium components and function. The MB focus is upon what is truly important and of value in watersport boat performance, and to deliver a package that reasonably allows a prospective owner to justify the initial investment, and remain confident in regard to enduring reliability.

The good stuff goes in, and the fluff with unnecessary expense stays out …


Finest, best built wake tower in the industry.

Folds inside the windshield, with the assist of an integrated shock. No dated “swing-set” look, no constant polishing, integrated speaker connects, integrated dome lighting, swivel racks, and rock solid with no disconcerting flex …


Why wait 10 minutes or more for your sub-floor ballast to fill, and then constantly be replacing $ 400.00 pumps and $ 50.00 impellors ? Not with the MB Gravity Ballast System  —  1800 lbs in a B52-23 takes about 90 seconds to fill  —  no pumps.

Flimsy “gates” will make a wave, but they won’t get you 25-30 ft behind the swimstep  —  as you can with the MB Switch Surf System and optional Plug & Play Surf Ballast  —  again, better technology in an MB Sports boat.


Consider this:  “A California-built boat” is simply a better built boat.
Why ?

Well, we have much stricter emissions standards here in California, and the better builders have adopted the newer VACUUM-INFUSION PROCESS of laying up a boat hull. At MB SPORTS, only the higher-quality Bi and Triaxial fiberglass cloth is used, and once laid in to precise specification, the mold is vacuum-wrapped and sealed, followed by a pressurized resin-infusion process. This provides an excellent glass-to-resin ratio, minimal to no voids, and ultimately creates a lighter and stronger hull.