2016 Hyerplite System Binding w/Webb boot

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Product Description

Featuring a brand spanking Lowback construction designed to provide you with both board connection and freedom, Hyperlite is back with the newest evolution in their unique System wake bindings.The Hyperlite The System Lowback Wakeboard Bindings feature a chassis design, resulting in a lightweight binding that provides maximum support without sacrificing an iota on mobility. Customizable for every boot size, the Lowbacks boast a Fully Adjustable Flexion Ankle Strap and Free Flex Toe-Strap/Cap making transfers and adjustments a snap. Lighter than previous generations, the Hyperlite The System Lowback Wakeboard Bindings provide the ultimate wakeboard connection while granting free riders unparalleled freedom and flexibility.
Product Details
Fully Adjustable Flexion Ankle Strap
Adjustable Free Flex Toe-Strap Cap
Heel Hold Grip Pad
Aluminum Stability Plates
Additional Features
The System binding is designed to work exclusively with the System boot line. Both components are needed for use.
Tool-Less Hardware
Reinforced N7 Chassis
Aluminum Mounting System
Ability Level:
Binding Style:


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