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Dear Terry, Jeff and Kris,In

Dear Terry, Jeff and Kris,

In December of 1999 I purchased a 2000 Pro Star 195 from California Skier in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Despite my boat being in the water year round for almost 20 years, it had never failed to start until last week. My two friends and I drove almost two hours to get to the lake and our day was over.

I called over to Jim Pennington at California Skier. He immediately promised to take care of me. Even though they don’t normally do dockside repairs, Jim sent one of his top guys out who fixed the boat right away.

We are now back skiing, trouble free in my Pro Star.

I’m just writing to tell you how happy I am 20 years after purchasing my boat with my MasterCraft and the guys at California Skier.

Thanks for doing what you do to deliver great boats and great service.

And, that’s why you buy a MasterCraft boat.


Ron Miller
Chairman of the Board StartEngine Crowdfunding/StartEngine Capital

Ron Miller

We purchased our first boat

We purchased our first boat from California Skier in 2008. At that time, we knew we liked to ski but had no idea which brand or type of boat to buy. Every one of my boat-owning friends had differing opinions, so the shopping process began.
I spoke to a variety of ski boat dealers in our region. One thing they all had in common was that somewhere during the discussion they compared their boat to a MasterCraft. At that stage of the search, I spoke with Mike Cardoni, who suggested I look around and then come see the boats at California Skier. I was immediately struck by Mike’s extensive knowledge of boats and his no pressure sales approach. In fact, he didn’t compare the boats he was selling to any other boat manufacturer, nor did he need to insult the competitors’ products.
In visiting California Skier, I was immediately impressed by both Mike and Cheryl in the sales office. They are genuinely nice people. In looking to purchase a boat, we told Mike we wanted a boat that would allow us to do a variety of sporting activities and yet produce a close to course quality slalom wake. Mike recommended a 2008 MasterCraft X-15, designed by him and sitting on the lot. He could have sold us anything. We had no experience and wouldn’t have known the difference, but that wasn’t Mike’s style.
The boat was beautiful and amazing, and after some research on our own, we bought the X-15. Over the next eight years, our family was thrilled to use the boat for hundreds of hours of weekly skiing and annual ski vacations. We always got compliments for the beautiful style and design, and everyone seemed to know that a MasterCraft was the best quality boat to own. During that time, my family developed a great relationship with Mike and Cheryl in the sales office, Ben in the Pro Shop, and Jim and his crew in the service / boat storage department. These people all know how to take care of a customer. They are always there to make sure things with our boat were right and that it was ready when we wanted to use it. In addition, they made sure that the equipment on the boat or under our feet was the best for what we wanted to do.
By 2016 my family had become addicted to surfing in addition to our ongoing passion for a great slalom wake. Although the X-15 is fantastic, with only three of us and our dog Max, surfing presented some inconveniences, such as limited ballast weight and always sitting in the sun in the back corner of the boat. We approached Mike again, to see if there was a boat that could produce a bigger surf wake and still have a quality slalom ski wake. Mike again took his time to give us all the facts and understand exactly what we wanted to do with the boat and how to accommodate our family for those activities.
Mike believed we would be very happy with the new XT-20. The boat is marketed as a crossover for people like us who want to surf, ski and play. The model is slightly smaller than our X-15, but is equipped with some great new features, like the Gen II Surf System and Dock Star. We decided to bite the bullet and design a boat from the ground up. It started with Mastercraft’s cool website. Could we design the boat that we wanted without breaking the budget?
Again, Mike went to work for us with many suggestions that made our boat more cost effective while still giving us all the important features we wanted. He even gave us some great input on colors to make the design even better. Mike worked diligently with us and the factory to make sure we got everything we needed and wanted, and we stayed within our budget.
Taking delivery of the boat, we were thrilled with the beautiful colors, finishes and design details. Mastercraft makes a truly remarkable product – our collective minds were blown away! It was as if MasterCraft produced a work of art just for us. On April19th we took our new boat out on the lake. I need to add that was a Monday, a day that California Skier sales and service is closed. However, Jim came out on his day off to get us our boat. Great customer service, Jim!
Once we got over our initial jitters driving the new boat and learning its systems, it was time to ski and surf. As much as we loved our 2008 X15, we couldn’t wait to try out the new surf features, but we had to start with the all-important ski wake. With a few adjustments, we found that with 78% trim tabs and our 15 off rope, the wake is just as smooth and easy to cross as the old boat. Having a great ski wake was a top priority for our family and we were relieved with the excellent quality of the ski wake in the XT20.
Next it was surf time. It turns out that surfing with 1,700 total pounds of ballast results in a massive wake with enough “push” to let our 220 pound son get as radical as he likes. And yet, my wife loves the long wake which comes on the “mellow” setting. And no more frustration of waiting to switch the ballast tanks from “goofy” to regular, the switch comes in seconds with the Gen II Surf System, even while riding the wake! And get this, no one has to sit in the sunny corner to get the extra ballast, the boat has plenty of ballast in the tanks! But that’s not all. We have an awesome sound system, cool-touch fabrics, an improved Perfect Pass system, and one day we look forward to parking the boat in a garage, since the AFT4 tower folds down in about 30 seconds. The verdict is: this boat is everything Mike told us, the XT20 is the perfect boat for our family.
All I can say is if you are considering a major boat commitment for your family, you will not find better people or products than the folks and boats at California Skier. They are there for you long after the sale and always willing to help in any way. There is no question, when we buy our next boat, it will be from California Skier.
Thanks California Skier for who you are and all that you do!
The Johnsons

The Johnson Family
Redlands, CA 92373

Bret M.

I bought a used 94 ProStar and had these guys install Perfect Pass. California skier did a great job for a great price. You can trust that you and your boat will be taken care of here.

Bret M.
Queen Creek, AZ

Vance P.

Just ordered a new 2016 MB B52 from these guys! They made the whole process easy, friendly, and most importantly….A GREAT PRICE! Ben definitely deserves A LOT of credit since he made this deal happen. If you’re looking for a new Mastercraft or MB boat, this is the place to be. Heck, they even have a great selection of used boats on their lot….but the wifey “allowed” me to splurge. Can’t wait for summer

Vance P.
Irvine, CA

Curtis R.

Thank you Ben for helping me through every step to purchase my dream boat. Everyone on staff was helpful and nice to work with. Ben took the time to take us out on my new MB F22 and show me how everything works. Any issues I have I can email or call them and get a quick helpful response. Thanks again

Curtis R.
Elizabeth Lake, CA

G G.


I bought a new custom ordered MB from these guys. I really only dealt with Ben and he deserves the credit in this 5 star review. I feel like he went above and beyond to make the sale happen and I never got the typical “pushy salesmen” vibe from him. Even before he knew we were serious buyers, he made plenty of time for us and I didn’t feel rushed when we did the water demo. Communication was great and he was quick to respond to my messages and emails. When researching buying a new wake boat, a lot of people emphasized how important the dealer was. Having confidence in your dealer that they will be taking care of you down the line was huge. California Skier has been a great overall experience through the buying process.

I just bought the boat so I can’t comment on maintenance or warranty related issues, although dealing with Ben on at Cal Skier has given me confidence. 

The pro shop is nice they have a pretty big selection. I think Ben runs that as well so you’re in luck.

G G.
Garden Grove, CA

Jen S.

Ordered a custom Mastercraft X-25 here a few years ago. We have bought a couple boats from these guys.  We love our Mastercraft. Guys here were great to work with. They always did their best to accommodate our requests. We have had our boat serviced here as well as stored here. They have an off-site warehouse facility where they store it. For the storage we were originally promised a type of service where cleaning and typical maintenance would be available. Anytime we requested to have the boat ready for use they had it pulled out and ready. This location helped us even sell our first Mastercraft. When we ordered our 2nd boat they even made it possible for us to visit the factory when we were in Tennessee. It was cool to see how it was made and the stage it was in production. Only complaint in the X-25 we had was the swimstep rubber cover on there did start lifting after its first few uses. Even though they replaced it, the sealant was never the same.

At one time we even had access to their private channel on Lake Elsinore, that our guests loved because we didn’t have to worry about other boats or Sea Doos causing waves during our wakeboarding.  Now, due to the drought, the water level is too low to use this channel. ***No Passes Are Available As Of Right Now*** If ever it returns to use it is easy to call them and reserve a channel pass. Last year it was about $40 per pass, give or take. Sometimes we have rented all 4 passes (I believe it was up to 4 boats per day???) just to avoid any other boats. If you are in the channel with other boat permits then you follow the boating etiquette for no wake and take turns on the wakeboarding runs accordingly. Now that we are boat owners I have learned that there is a boating etiquette so if you are a guest on someone’s boat there are are few tips and suggestions~ chip in for gas, help or offer to clean up as it takes a couple hrs to clean up after any lake or water excursion, don’t wear shoes that will mark the upholstery, bring towels, offer to bring own drinks or food and be considerate of what that boat owner is ok with on their boat. BOATS and maintenance are NOT cheap. Always a blast though!!! Mastercraft is definitely our favorite when it comes to water sports.

Jen S.
Laguna Hills, CA

Larry Ashburn

California Skier Reviewers

We have been coming to California Skier since 2013.
Mike Cardoni, in Sales, has been great to work with over the years. Returns all of my countless emails and phone calls. He has worked very hard to present the best option and pricing for the MasterCraft we are looking for.
Jim in service, has been my adviser for my last 4 Mastercrafts. Whether it is a Warranty issue or a simple service for my boats, it has been top notch with Jim and the CalSkier service staff.  He always follows up with a realistic time frame for my service.
We highly recommend the Team at California Skier MasterCraft

Larry and Michelle Ashburn
Oceanside California Audio Design Rentals 6555 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92115 Office 1-619-286-4589 ext 3 Mobile (best) 1-858-336-6239

Don Stoops

I am currently enjoying my fifth MasterCraft boat since 2005, a 2015 ProStar. I love the boat as do my friends, previously i have owned three X-2’s and an X-9. My ProStar is rock solid and my friends enjoy skiing behind it as much as I do. What probably isn’t as obvious is the dealership and people that stand behind the sale of the boats. The people at California Skier are family to me now; Cheryl, Mike, Jim, and Chuck are so comfortable and easy to deal with, I would never consider buying a boat anywhere else. I know I will be treated fairly and with respect. I know I can call on any one of them if I have any questions. They always respond quickly. And while I have purchased five boats from California Skier they have also sold several of my used boats for excellent prices. I would strongly recommend California Skier to my friends, and I can be contacted by those considering a purchase from California Skier. My contact information is on file with all four of the above at California Skier, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Don Stoops