Sell a Boat


If you are considering selling your boat, then please consider the tremendous ease and advantage that California Skier can offer you in terms of professionally marketing, managing, and executing your sale.

Here is what the California Skier Consignment Program brings to the table for you:


We eliminate buyer anxiety.

The concern over all of the private party “unknowns”

Our first order of business is to have our expert technicians perform a rigorous 40+ Point mechanical and safety inspection. This process includes an engine compression assessment, and allows our technicians to immediately address any issues prior to resale, A comprehensive written report is available to both Seller and any prospective Buyer — evidencing that this California Skier process has been completed, and that we have certified this boat and trailer as being both water and road worthy.

All mechanical aspects of the boat must be sound, and all safety features must be in good operating condition, for a boat to be sold by California Skier. The final piece is our 30-Day Pre-Owned Limited Warranty.

The 40-Point may disclose issues that the Seller must invest in resolving, but again, this process certainly enhances Buyer confidence.

As a Buyer, are you looking for a mystery “steal”, or to trust your quality family time to a proven boat at a fair price ?


California Skier will display your boat in our pre-owned inventory pavilion, periodically have the boat detailed, post the boat on multiple resale websites, readily offer demo test-rides to qualified buyers, readily facilitate the marine loan process, earnestly work in a fiduciary manner to convey offers and negotiate an approved final sale price and terms, finalize all contract and registration paperwork, and finally  —  process the payment of proceeds to Seller.


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