I am currently enjoying my fifth MasterCraft boat since 2005, a 2015 ProStar. I love the boat as do my friends, previously i have owned three X-2’s and an X-9. My ProStar is rock solid and my friends enjoy skiing behind it as much as I do. What probably isn’t as obvious is the dealership and people that stand behind the sale of the boats. The people at California Skier are family to me now; Cheryl, Mike, Jim, and Chuck are so comfortable and easy to deal with, I would never consider buying a boat anywhere else. I know I will be treated fairly and with respect. I know I can call on any one of them if I have any questions. They always respond quickly. And while I have purchased five boats from California Skier they have also sold several of my used boats for excellent prices. I would strongly recommend California Skier to my friends, and I can be contacted by those considering a purchase from California Skier. My contact information is on file with all four of the above at California Skier, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.