Dear Terry, Jeff and Kris,

In December of 1999 I purchased a 2000 Pro Star 195 from California Skier in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Despite my boat being in the water year round for almost 20 years, it had never failed to start until last week. My two friends and I drove almost two hours to get to the lake and our day was over.

I called over to Jim Pennington at California Skier. He immediately promised to take care of me. Even though they don’t normally do dockside repairs, Jim sent one of his top guys out who fixed the boat right away.

We are now back skiing, trouble free in my Pro Star.

I’m just writing to tell you how happy I am 20 years after purchasing my boat with my MasterCraft and the guys at California Skier.

Thanks for doing what you do to deliver great boats and great service.

And, that’s why you buy a MasterCraft boat.


Ron Miller
Chairman of the Board StartEngine Crowdfunding/StartEngine Capital