Ordered a custom Mastercraft X-25 here a few years ago. We have bought a couple boats from these guys.  We love our Mastercraft. Guys here were great to work with. They always did their best to accommodate our requests. We have had our boat serviced here as well as stored here. They have an off-site warehouse facility where they store it. For the storage we were originally promised a type of service where cleaning and typical maintenance would be available. Anytime we requested to have the boat ready for use they had it pulled out and ready. This location helped us even sell our first Mastercraft. When we ordered our 2nd boat they even made it possible for us to visit the factory when we were in Tennessee. It was cool to see how it was made and the stage it was in production. Only complaint in the X-25 we had was the swimstep rubber cover on there did start lifting after its first few uses. Even though they replaced it, the sealant was never the same.

At one time we even had access to their private channel on Lake Elsinore, that our guests loved because we didn’t have to worry about other boats or Sea Doos causing waves during our wakeboarding.  Now, due to the drought, the water level is too low to use this channel. ***No Passes Are Available As Of Right Now*** If ever it returns to use it is easy to call them and reserve a channel pass. Last year it was about $40 per pass, give or take. Sometimes we have rented all 4 passes (I believe it was up to 4 boats per day???) just to avoid any other boats. If you are in the channel with other boat permits then you follow the boating etiquette for no wake and take turns on the wakeboarding runs accordingly. Now that we are boat owners I have learned that there is a boating etiquette so if you are a guest on someone’s boat there are are few tips and suggestions~ chip in for gas, help or offer to clean up as it takes a couple hrs to clean up after any lake or water excursion, don’t wear shoes that will mark the upholstery, bring towels, offer to bring own drinks or food and be considerate of what that boat owner is ok with on their boat. BOATS and maintenance are NOT cheap. Always a blast though!!! Mastercraft is definitely our favorite when it comes to water sports.