The below recommendations are not all-inclusive. It is the boater’s responsiblity to operate the boat in a safe fashion and become familiar with any and all rules and laws governing boat operation:

  1. Never put your arm, head or any other part of your body through the handle/bridle of the ski line, nor wrap the line around any part of the body at any time.
  2. Never ski at night, or directly in front of other boats.
  3. Never jump from a boat that is moving at any speed, nor enter or exit the water when the engine is running or “ON”.
  4. Make sure that everyone knows and uses approved skiing hand signals and common skiing courtesy.
  5. Never ride on the ski platform or hold on to the platform while in the water during engine operation, including at idle. Carbon monoxide fumes are expelled from the lower transom area of a boat and can cause serious illness or even death.