The DockStar Handling System controls the direction in which the boat moves. The triple rudder system gives more control over the boat than a traditional single rudder system alone. The DockStar rudders allow a boat to reverse to either direction dependent on the orientation of the steering wheel. A DockStar equipped boat is also more agile and responsive at speed in forward.

The DockStar Handling System is a triple rudder system mounted to the bottom of the hull. Additional steering components are mounted under the helm and under the engine in the engine compartment.

Steering a boat with the DockStar Handling System is very similar to steering a car or truck, but the boat will generally respond slower due to operation in the water, which is more dense than air. A DockStar equipped boat will respond with more precision in forward at both low and high speeds than a traditional inboard single rudder system. In reverse, the DockStar system will allow the boat to reverse in either direction similar to a car. Like in a car, turn the wheel to the left to back up to port, and turn the wheel to the right to back to starboard.