Using lifting eyes properly is important, An overhead hoist with an appropriate rating capacity should be used to lift your boat. Cables should be properly rated for each model. Each cable should be rated above the full weight of the model to be lifted. When lifting, keep the bow slightly higher than the stern to prevent any possibility of water running into the engine exhaust manifold. DO NOT use the ski pylon or any portion of any tower for lifting. They are NOT designed to be used as a central lifting point. Also, DO NOT use the stern ski tow as a lifting ring. The deck may be damaged. Never use the cleats as lifting points. See the Storage Cradle sub-section of the 2017 Owners Manual.

Also never lift a boat with water in the bilge or containing a water-filled device such as a ballast system or sack. The extra stress will put an excessive load on the hull and lifting equipment that may seriously damage the boat.