Your MasterCraft has been equipped at the factory with most of the federally required safety equipment for inland waters (Class I, 16-foot-to-26-foot watercraft). This equipment includes:

ABYC-approved marine mufflers with water injection.

USCG-approved marine flame arrestor.

USC-approved engine box ventilation with spark-less power blower.

ABYC-approved electric horn sound-warning device.

USCG-approved inland lighting.

Additionally, you should always check that you have onboard a fire extinguisher, which is mandatory equipment and sold as an optional purchase from the factory.

Federal law also requires at least one Type I, II or III Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for each person on-board or being towed on water skis or other recreational equipment. In addition, one throwable Type IV PFD must also be on board. As the owner, obtaining the appropriate PFDs is your responsibility.

Your MasterCraft Dealer can and will be happy to assist you.

Note: Requirements for coastal waters and inland waters differ. Check with the local authorities for more information.