The trailer and wheels should be washed weekly during boating season, and after every use if the trailer has been submerged in?salt or brackish water. Use a soft brush, mild detergent and/or mild degreaser. A quality spray-on wheel cleaner may also be used. Ensure that any product used is specifically indicated for use on aluminum. (Many cleaners are too harsh and will result in pitting or other damage to the wheel surface.) Many car washes use strong chemicals and should be avoided when that is the case.

Removing road film, contaminants and brake dust (all of which retain moisture) is critical to ensuring that the wheels will retain their luster and quality finish for a long period of time.

Any exposure to a hard winter climate, particularly road salt and/or chemicals, requires immediate cleaning the same as submersion in salt water.


Allow wheels to cool or cool them with running water. If the wheels are too hot, significant damage can occur to the wheels. It is also important to seal the wheels with a sealant that reduces static and resists brake dust. Check at an automotive supply store for an appropriate sealant.