At Calif Skier, we bring to the table, a complete and comprehensive package of benefits designed to make buying and owning a boat from us, a pleasant and convenient experience.


We feel privileged to represent a very select group:  MB Sports, Chaparral, Robalo, and Ranger Tugs,

And for good reason:

These manufacturers have established themselves as longtime stalwarts in our industry.

They are clearly focused upon, and unrivaled in their “purpose-driven” engineering, build process, and attention to detail.

And MB Sports in particular, has never deviated from the rich heritage of being a family-owned, debt-free operation  —  Commitment and discipline toward exceeding your expectations  —  propelled by relentless enthusiasm for multiple generations.

Now under the astute guidance of Mike and Dustin Brendel, son and grandson of father Irv, who began building handcrafted boats in the 1960’s, MB Sports remains laser-focused upon the philosophy of insuring premium build-quality, modern aesthetics, and a well-thought-out blend of worthwhile and durable technology, without un-merited over-the-top pricing  —  and without answering to shareholders, or expanding production via debt, and compromising the “hand-crafted” experience they bring to their customers.

Is this not the essence of “VALUE”
The “worth” obtained through intrinsic excellence and a desirable level of satisfaction

Bryant Boats, also commited to remaining small and family-owned since 1990, has been recently embraced into the perfect fit under the Correct Craft umbrella, also so well known for retaining their family-owned philosophy.

When it comes to our Pre-Owned Inventory, rest assured that every boat we offer, has been through a rigorous 40-Point Safety & Mechanical Inspection regimen, including compression and lake testing, to ensure resale worthiness.


Our sales team has three primary responsibilities in working with you:

To listen, and understand your needs and preferences, so that we may guide you to the very best boat for you.

To ensure that your new boat comfortably meets your budget parameters.

And finally, to execute an exceptional delivery experience, to ensure you know how to operate and care for your new boat.

We also partner with an exceptionally professional lending source Marine Coast Financial, wherein we are able to secure financing for you at extremely competitive rates.

We additionally offer the added security of extended warranty and service plans.


For the enduring exceptional experience, it has always been about more than just the boat.

Our strong alliance with our manufacturers, and our commitment to their standards, is why ALL of our technicians are multiple factory-certified, and why we have the latest up-to-date diagnostic tools at our fingertips. We use only OEM parts, and furthermore, you will be promptly advised of each pertinent factory-issued update for your year/model boat.

Calif Skier has been your support cornerstone for 36 years and running now. Our entire staff works diligently to ensure our performance matches your expectations.